Collision Course Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book Title: Collision Course

Author Name: Millie Inman

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: October 19, 2023

The shocking death of the popular Prince of Wales launches his young heir from innocent childhood into a roiling caldron of political jealousy and intrigue. Set in all the glory of mid-eighteenth century England, the child prince is urgently prepared for his estranged grandfather’s throne. Under the wing of his godly tutor-advisor, the youth staggers through an escalating minefield of hazards.
Juxtaposed with the prince’s story, is the life of a down-and-out firebrand statesman considering retirement from public service, including the House of Commons because he’s under the king’s fervent disfavor. As rumors of coup d’etat swirl around the prince, an alliance between the youth and the flagging Member of Parliament (MP) secures hope of a safe ascension. The alliance also catapults the prince’s gentle advisor and the seasoned statesman MP into the two most powerful men in Great Britain. One controls the next king. The other controls Parliament. Then, in the face of escalating war, a shocking twist changes everything.
Collision Course shatters clichés as it treks through England’s finest gardens and dines with kings and statesmen, all the while peering into the universal nature of the human soul and the heartbeat of corrupted constitutional government. This is the true, untold story of alliance, ambition, betrayal, loss, and recovery that set the world stage for the American Revolution.


Book Excerpt

Edward joined the embrace, stretching his arms about them both as he bawled and shrieked. Mama bent toward them, cooing and patting. George felt lead in his inners pulling him to his knees. The room was spinning as staff scrambled to catch the crumbling tangle, settling them on the fainting couch.

Mama and Papa had seeped George in “kingly decorum” for a future so remote it seemed fanciful. Sprawled there in a dazed heap, tangled with Mama and Edward with the shock of smelling salts wafting through the air, he suddenly felt the frightening weight of the British Crown. Through sobs, he vowed to take Papa’s place. “I’ll look after you, Mama.” He struggled to halt his surging tears and sound kingly. “And Edward and William.” He extricated his arms from the pathetic huddle and sat upright. “And Ladies Augusta II and Elizabeth. I’ll be there, Mama, for the babies. And the baby coming.” The whole kitchen, usually merry with aromas of roasted meats and fresh baked bread, resounded with a chorus of gasps and sobs.

Mama cleared her throat. “We’re under the king’s extreme disfavor,” she said with her bottom lip quivering. “Oh God, have mercy. We need Your protection and wisdom.” She hugged her two boys to her. “God is our hope and guide. He will meet our needs.”


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