Copenhagen Cozenage Author Interview and Giveaway

Copenhagen Cozenage

About the Book

Book: Copenhagen Cozenage

Author: Kristen Joy Wilks

Genre: Christian Fiction

Release date: September, 2015

9781611164688Morgan Ravn arrives in Denmark seeking clues about her mysterious heritage. What she finds is a flirtatious stranger who regales her with a story about a jewel thief from 1958 and then abandons her with a large unruly dog. Can Morgan locate the irresponsible pet owner before his monstrous canine drags her through every puddle in Copenhagen and sheds all over her last dress? And why are strangers dogging her every step, snapping photos? Is the shutter happy behavior a bizarre Danish custom or something more sinister?


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About the Author

KristenJoyWilks1Kristen Joy Wilks lives in the beautiful woods of the Cascade mountains with her camp director husband, three fierce sons, and a large and slobbery Newfoundland dog. She spent her misguided youth falling in love with Commander Spock via Star Trek reruns, being suspended upside down over a homemade pit filled with gardener snakes, and stampeding herds of elk while on horseback. Now most of her adventures consist of preventing her hubby from filling another wall of their dining room with board games, thwarting her 3 boys’ efforts to sneak their pet chickens onto their bunk beds whenever she turns her back to fold laundry, and trying not to trip over the random teenagers that swarm her house to play all those board games.


More from Kristen Joy

Have you ever gotten stuck with someone else’s luggage? How about someone else’s dog? Let’s make that someone else’s ill-mannered, 150lb, Newfoundland dog!


Yes, Morgan, my poor heroine just wanted to discover her roots during a calm tour of Copenhagen, Denmark. What she gets … a wild chase through a foreign city with a giant and hairy beast in tow!


We have owned two wonderful Newfoundland dogs and they are truly gentle giants … once they grow up. But that training process is a sight to behold when your “puppy” weighs 100lbs before he reaches his first birthday and doesn’t even notice you bouncing along behind him as he charges for the lake.


Our first Newfoundland, Shamu, ended up weighing a hefty 163lbs in his prime and was a handful for those first few training years. Thus, I have taken some of our crazy dog stories and used them to harass my hapless heroine during her Danish vacation. Shamu would gallop toward any body of water he spotted. A lake, river, nice fountain, you name it! If you happened to be dragged along with him, he didn’t mind. The more the merrier! Don’t worry, there is plenty of water in Copenhagen to tempt a fun-loving Newfoundland dog. One might see various fountains, a paddle boat pond in Tivoli Gardens, or even a restaurant that is actually a pirate ship floating on a lake. Add a bunch of dog hair and slobber and this crazy RomCom hits a bit close to home for someone who actually owns a Newfoundland dog.


As a prize, I’m offering notecards that feature our current Newfy (Princess Leia Freyja) in all her hairy glory as well as a box of Danish chocolates and a paperback copy of the book.

May your day be full of adventure … but not quite as much as Morgan endures in Copenhagen Cozenage. God Bless!


In His Hands,



Mindy’s Q&A with Kristen Joy Wilks

What inspired this book?

Ha! Well, I actually wrote this book on a dare. I’d been writing Christian YA and picture book manuscripts for thirteen years without success and my sister-in-law saw that an editor at our yearly writer’s conference wanted novella-length romances. I had never written a romance, but had been practicing my writing craft for over a decade. She dared me to write one and I did and they loved it! It turned into a romantic comedy … because I discovered that I cannot write straight romance to save my life. There must be something funny to keep me on my toes. Also, we owned a 163lb Newfoundland dog who totally dragged us through all of the puddles and rivers and lakes during his training phase and so I thought that would be a great way to give my poor heroine some peril. I love the combination of fun pets and romantic comedy craziness.

What is your favorite verse of life verse?

Jonah 3:1—“The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.” Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t give up on us? Not even when we go on a crazy sailing trip away from him, almost die, get swallowed by a fish, get puked up, and then just stand there covered in yuck staring up at heaven. That is the point where this verse occurs in the story and it does my heart good to know that God is like this. Sending his word, again, to angry Jonah who didn’t want God’s mercy spilling over onto the Ninevites. But God didn’t let Jonah stay in the safety of thinking the Ninevites were too dangerous, too terrible, had done too much evil to be shown love. God is so amazing!

Describe your view as you’re sitting in your writing chair?

I live at a remote Bible camp in the Cascade mountains. My writing chair is actually a big cushy thing in the living room. It has three little shelves on the wall nearby so that I have a spot for coffee and peanuts and books. I have a little lamp and a table covered in more books. The windows look out onto a hillside covered in pine and fir and a little path that twists through the woods up to the camp’s upper cabins and our terrifying tube hill.

What is your vacation spot?

Our family goes camping every year. Often, we camp at the beach at Ocean Shores, WA. Our three sons are big Calvin and Hobbs fans and so every year we have a tradition. On each day of our camping trip, we head out to the beach as the tide is coming in. The three boys, and sometimes their dad and I, all build “Stupidopolis” or some kind of sand city or sand structure. Then when the waves crash in, the sand structure that lasts the longest wins! This is in honor of Calvin building Stupidopolis by the shore and waiting for its destruction. We do this even during storms. They love it!

If you could have one book or piece of art or music on a desert island, what would it be and why?

Besides my Bible, I would want the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke because it is just epic and lovely and both rends the heart and makes it soar. Or maybe all the How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell because they make me laugh so hard and then turn around and make me weep with the sheer simple beauty of the characters heroic moments, victories, sacrifices, and growth.

Thank you, Kristen, for letting us get to know you better!

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To celebrate her tour, Kristen is giving away the grand prize package of a box of Ingeborg’s Danish chocolates, plus six blank notecards with Newfoundland dog photos on the front, and a paperback copy of the book!!

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