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About the Book

Book: Elite

Author: Kristen Young

Genre: Dystopian/Science Fiction

Release date: September 14, 2021

Young - Elite(1)Where do you find safety when your world is falling apart?

Apprentice Flick thought the Elite Academy was the answer to all her problems. But the revelation of her past turned everything upside down. Now, she is caught between two worlds set on a collision course.

Will she embrace the chaotic memories that flood her every waking moment? Or will she run to the security of her Elite training?

Discovering her parents’ identities takes her to a secret underground bunker where she finds new friends, opportunities, and maybe even love. But Flick must decide where her allegiances lie soon, or the Triumph of Love festival might bring about her demise.

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Guest Review from Mindy Houng

“Power is in dying to yourself, not living to dominate.”

I unfortunately started reading this book without having read the first book in the series. I wish I had made the time to read the books in order; that would have prepared my mind better to absorb this dystopian world with its many secondary characters. This sterile world controlled by the Love Collective is quite fascinating and learning about the inner workings of the leadership as well as the downfalls, sins, fallacies within the Collective through the eyes of Cadence was interesting.
The faith element is prominent in this book as the Trinity is introduced to Cadence and she goes on secret missions to collect parts of the Song (allegory for the Bible?) from underground believers in the city. Since belief in the Composer (God) and Lyric (Jesus) is forbidden but central to the plot, I understand how it needs to be at the forefront but it felt a bit too heavy and overdone at times. I didn’t really connect well with Cadence (aka Kerr Flick) even though the story is written in her voice. This second book didn’t feel like it contributed much to the overarching theme of the series except to put Cadence in a powerful apprentice role, resurrect a lot of her memories that were erased, and shed some light on a few secondary characters. But if you’ve read the first book, this sequel may be a true delight as you follow Cadence’s journey.

I received the book via Celebrate Lit Tours and was under no obligation to post a positive comment. All opinions are solely my own.

About the Author

kyoungbwA Scottish-born Australian author, Kristen Young has worked in children’s and youth ministry for decades. She writes fiction and non-fiction for teens, and always has a notebook on hand to capture stray story ideas. In her spare time she loves hanging out with her family, watching movies with subtitles, and enjoying a little too much chocolate.

More from Kristen

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.” G.K. Chesterton.

Why do we write fiction? There are lots of reasons, really. We write because we have something
to say. Maybe we write because we just love creating stories. Perhaps we love to entertain. Or
perhaps we write because the stories want to be heard, and we’re just letting them fly.

Or perhaps we know that people want stories for a deeper reason. When life is hard, and work
is a struggle, and the world seems just a little too difficult, it’s a great time to escape into a
different place. Another world, where even though bad things happen, we know there will be a
happy ending.

The responsibility of authors is a heavy one. Our readers entrust their imaginations to us for a
short time, allowing us to draw them into a different place. We give them people to follow, and
let them see the world through other eyes. Dilemmas, threats, relationships and opportunities
— all of these things provide a journey for readers, and give them the chance to explore
alternate ways of dealing with life’s problems. We give people the thrill of knowing that even
under the heaviest challenges, there is a chance to grow and survive.

Chesterton said that children didn’t need to learn about dragons, but to know the dragons could
be overcome. Perhaps even as adults we need a little bit of that, too.

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