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About the Book

Book: King Here

Author: Trish Porter Topmiller

Genre: Religion/Christian or Spiritual

Release Date: May 7, 2019

Trusting God and sharing Jesus with aging parents can be difficult. As Trish Porter Topmiller watched her father’s casket be lowered into the ground, she knew the complicated jigsaw puzzle of his life finally held the missing piece―Jesus. But for years, his life seemed as far away from grace, and a believing faith in God, as a person can be. A multimillionaire entrepreneur who believed his financial fortress (and business acumen) was invincible, he turned into a workaholic adrenaline junkie―and ultimate opioid statistic who had given up on life. Even then, grace found him.

King Here offers hope that no matter how old, how rich or how addicted someone is, it’s never too late to meet Jesus. Trish shares her father’s inspiring, yet tragic life story―filled with adventure and color and unique escapades―to reveal God’s plan for an old rich man who thought he had no need for God. Stepping back to see the big picture brings to light the hope and joy that God truly can answer prayers and do the impossible, but it doesn’t always look the way readers expect. In this moving tribute to her father, Trish encourages readers to never give up on loved ones who seem “too far gone” for God to reach.


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About the Author

Trish Porter Topmiller is a Christian writer who is a 1988 U.S. Olympian in the high jump, former world record holder for women age 40-44 in the high jump, and multiple times U.S. National and World Masters Champion. Trish is a frequent speaker and guest on radio and television programs and has been the subject of interviews in the Wall Street Journal, U.S.A Today, and Today’s Christian Woman. She is a survivor in Life. Trish lost her husband of twenty years (Pat Porter 2 time Olympian) and son Connor (U.S. National Fencing Medalist) in a plane accident in 2012. She remarried in 2016 and has a wonderful daughter who is a nationally competitive figure skater. She attends Woodmen Valley Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado andSagebrush Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has a B.S. BusinessMarketing degree from University of Oregon.


More from Trish

I did not set out to write a book. I was preparing to talk at my Dad’s funeral and I looked at his life; the outrageous adventures, his business success, all the tragedies, and then the miracles. I realized his life was like an amazing puzzle and only God knew the puzzle box top. That’s when the outline came to me. He affected so many people and generations and once home, I was compelled to continue writing and it began to take shape and grow. I wanted information about publishing, so I contacted Terry Whalin who wrote Billy Graham’s biography. He said it was a story that I needed to share with people beyond my family.

 King Here, is not only about finding faith and hope, but about the strength and courage it takes to handle what comes our way.  In a five-year period, from 2012-2017, I was confronted with the loss of my husband of twenty years (a two-time Olympian), and my beautiful fifteen year old son, Connor (a U.S. National Fencing medalist). They perished in an airplane accident where my husband was the pilot. A few years later my stepmother died at age 60 after a battle with addiction and then my father.

My prayer is you can be drawn into my Dad’s and my life and not want to put the book down. May your basket be filled with nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. May you enjoy the journey and the roller coaster of emotions. May you see how I trusted the Lord through tragedy which strengthens your faith. May you be encouraged to pray for those around you and be empowered to share Jesus with others.

Mindy Houng’s Q&A with Trish Porter Topmiller

  1. How do you find an idea for a book you know you need to write?

I am alert for the personal stories that need to be told and remembered. I don’t find them, they have found me.

With King Here, I was compelled to write the book. It came from looking at my dad’s life all the ups, downs and crazy adventures. I decided I couldn’t not write it. I needed to write the story down. I also wanted to write it for the family history because he has affected so many people and generations. People needed to hear his story of life and how God reached him.

  1. What does success as an author look like to you?

What a great question and one I have thought a lot about. As a child I was diagnosed with dyslexia and this made reading and writing very difficult for me. I was teased and made fun of at school. Therefore, the process of writing a book, and the accomplishment of publishing it means there were many successes along the journey.

What’s the most important of all? True success is knowing I’ve been faithful to what God has called me to do, I’ve worked hard/smart and persevered. When people say they loved my book and it impacted their life.

I like celebrating and being excited about each step. From the original book idea, creating the outline, the chapters and all the writing in between. The thrill of landing on a title I love and know is perfect for the book. Signing a contract with a publisher and receiving your advance. Time to dress up and have dinner at a nice restaurant. Ok, maybe the advance couldn’t quite pay for the meal but it’s still worth celebrating.

All the steps it takes to write the book; the late nights, the reems of paper, the printer ink. To lay it out and organize it in a way that works. To be willing to have others read it and make comments and suggestions is very humbling. Knowing you’ll have a better book as a result is another stage of success.

It’s like giving birth. You don’t get to see the final product until you have your book in hand many months later. What a gift!

Writing a book and getting it published is a huge success. The successes don’t stop when the book is published. In some sense that is only the beginning of the next phase. I want to be faithful in trying to get the book out to as many people and to the best of my ability. I want to promote it via radio, newspaper, television, podcasts and bloggers. Each interview set up and each one completed is a victory.

The thrill of getting Amazon reviews, 5 Star reviews and reaching numerical review goals. A super sweet success is to win a book award.

King Here has not hit a “Best Seller” list but it’s one goal I’d like to reach. However, it does not define my measure of success. I want my book in people’s hands who need it.

  1. Is there a specific person or experience in your life that prompted you to begin writing? Describe it.

I had two friends who launched my writing career. John Dehart, an older track and field friend. Whenever we talked on the phone he’d say, “You really need to write a book. You really need to tell your story.” I would just laugh at him. I thought he was crazy. He encouraged me for years. Then one day I had a girlfriend, Marita Littauer, who put on Christian writers conferences, and she said I should come to a conference she was having and she wouldn’t charge me. She set up meetings with editors, I learned about writing and so my journey began.

  1. Are there books you have begun to write, but never finished? Is there a specific reason why you did not finish them?

There have been a few book ideas that I have taken lots of notes on and have written outlines for. I pray about them. I’m not totally sure why I haven’t written them. Maybe someday I will. One example is after I lost my husband of twenty years, Pat Porter, and my fifteen year old son Connor, in a plane crash. I wanted to write a book to help others grieving. I have lots of notes but I haven’t moved forward yet. I need to know for sure it’s what I should be doing.

  1. Describe your writing process. Is it a regimented schedule, or does it shift?

My writing process is still evolving, continues to improve but I’m like a turtle. I am not regimented as I have a lot going on in my life. I’m often writing late at night, on airplanes and in hotel rooms.

Once the book idea comes to me, I pray about it and sometimes let time go by. I start with an outline.  Then I ask several questions. What are the takeaways from the book? What will the reader get out of it? Will it glorify God? Will it help others? Is there a need? How is it different than what’s currently available? Then I start filling in the outline.

Throughout the process I’m creating a list of titles and subtitles all the while bouncing the ideas off my husband, James. The title King Here came to me in the middle of the night. Sometimes I think it’s when God speaks to me because I’m relaxed, quiet and not preoccupied.

I still need to print out my writing and edit it on paper, which makes for a loss of a few trees. I edit my chapters many times before anyone ever sees them.

Then it’s time for my husband to read it. This reminds me of being in high school and I’d get my paper back and it would be covered in red ink. This is usually fairly traumatic for me because I think I’ve done a pretty good job and he comes back with many questions, cross outs, arrows, and new words. Once we get it to a place I like, then I send it to a few other people to get their feedback. I then incorporate their thoughts, questions and edits. James and I edit many more times.

Once it’s ready for the editor then typically I have them do at least three different stages of editing. Then, several times I have to read/proof the book with different focuses in order to try not to miss anything. One time I’m looking at words, another time for flow, another time for layout…


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