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About the Book

Book: LoveMORE: Your 30-Day Devotional to learn to love like Jesus

Authors: Marta E Greenman and Maureen H Maldonado

Genre:Christian Devotional

Release Date: April, 2023

The Bible tells believers to love one another, yet the world’s definition of love greatly differs from what God teaches. Come join us and explore how God’s love transforms our thinking and actions. You can begin to apply these methods to your own life and become a vessel God can use to show His love to all in need.


  • Loving Like Jesus can be difficult at times.
  • The individual Hebrew and Greek meanings of love in Scripture.
  • How to apply God’s strategies to our everyday life to LoveMORE.
  • Love is an action, not a feeling.

This 30-Day Devotional gives an in-depth look at Scripture and how to love God’s way. Join us today.


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About the Authors

Marta left corporate America in 1998 to become a staff missionary with a church-planting organization known today as e3Partners. She led American churches in planting new ones with international church partners. During this period, Marta spent much of her time in the field on evangelism and discipleship, traveling to Colombia, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, Romania, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. She also had the privilege of leading women’s conferences in biblical training.

Marta began teaching inductive Bible studies in 1997 at her home church, where she taught faithfully for fifteen years. Debbie Stuart, the former women’s ministry director, said, “Marta Greenman is a master teacher, weaving biblical principles, personal stories, and clear application with every lesson. She walks in truth, loves the Word, and has dedicated her life to teaching that truth to women.”

After seven years on the mission field in Romania, Marta began to write Bible study curriculum. Her first study, Bound to Be Free, was published in 2011. Marta founded Words of Grace & Truth in May 2011, a ministry devoted to teaching God’s Word to the nations and teaching others to do the same, using curriculum God birthed through her teaching ministry. Since then, Leaders, Nations, and God and ACTs420NOW have been published. Her fourth book is a thirty-day devotional entitled FearLESS, co-authored with Maureen H.  Maldonado. LoveMORE: Your 30-Day Devotional to learn to love like Jesus is also co-authored with Maureen H. Maldonado. She continues to write additional biblically-based materials.

Marta’s latest ministry venture is GraceAndTruthRadio.World (GTRW), a global radio station outreach with God’s message of grace and truth. Her program Under God, with co-host Maureen Maldonado, airs on GTRW Mondays at 3:30 p.m. CST. Marta’s passion, regardless of the nation where she may be, is teaching God’s Word and equipping others to teach. She is a gifted teacher, speaker, and expositor of God’s Word. Marta lives in the Dallas–Fort Worth area of Texas with her husband of almost thirty years.

Maureen is the second of seven children. Growing up in a home where worldly wealth was a foreign concept, she always felt treasured by her parents and knew she was rich in love. Maureen married young and raised two amazing daughters. Her grandchildren are a blessing beyond anything she could imagine. Recently, she was able to add a granddaughter-in-love who adds joy

to the mix.

Maureen has a master’s degree in education from California State University and spent her career as a teacher, vice-principal, and principal in elementary education. Maureen never planned to leave California or the education system, but God had other plans. After Maureen’s husband was transferred to Arizona in 2006 and then to Texas in 2011, she spent several years teaching Just Moved, a Christian-based ministry program developed by Susan Miller for women who are moving home due to life changes ( God used her teaching education and experience as a training ground to begin teaching for Him. Involved in Bible studies in California, Arizona, and Texas, Maureen grew exponentially in her faith, love of God, and His Word. The culmination of these experiences led her to co-host the radio program Under God on GraceAndTruthRadio.World, where God’s Word is taught to the

nations. Maureen’s first book FearLESS was co-authored with Marta E. Greenman. LoveMORE is Maureen’s second book, also co-authored with Marta.


Today Maureen is using her new-to-her method of studying the Bible and her long-applied teaching methods to teach the next generation of believers. Her prayer is for others to gain as much insight into God’s transformational Word as she has received. She describes it as “opening the shades and letting in all the sunlight on a gloomy day.” Maureen feels honored and humbled to be a part of Words of Grace & Truth and asks others to join in prayer for this needed ministry and for the church, our country, and our world. Maureen and her husband, Raymond, reside in Texas, where they have transplanted almost their entire family from California.

More from Marta and Maureen

Marta and Maureen’s second Devotional LoveMORE: Your 30-Day Devotional to Learn to Love like Jesus, is the second of a planned series of twelve devotionals. Today we live in a world of divisiveness. We, as believers, need to learn to love like Jesus loved. Only then will we be able to reach people who are lost and in desperate need of Him. Jesus is the one who can transform them from the inside out. Before we can be His mouthpiece, or His hands and feet, we have to have His heart.

Interview with Marta and Maureen

1)What does success as an author look like to you?

Marta – Being obedient to write and do what God called me to do.

Maureen – Bringing people to Jesus, one soul at a time.

2)Which chapter was the most difficult to write?

Marta – All of it? (while I laugh). Every word of every book has to be prayed over and re-read and re written. Writing is not for the faint of heart…it is a labor of love for my Master, the King of Kings.

Maureen – I agree with what Marta said, one hundred percent.  However, the time spent praying and researching is what I do enjoy the most as it is where I grow.

3)What inspired this book?

This book is the 2nd of 12 Devotionals. The first devotional FearLESS: God is calling you to be fearless and to FearLESS, was on my heart to write for almost 10 years. I thought it would be a 365-day devotional and wanted a team to write it (example – 12 people writing 1 month each). But could never find the right people. When Maureen agreed to come alongside and write FearLESS after we came up with the format for the book (the Greek and Hebrew words, the stories, the pictures with the devotionals) we realized a 365-day devotional would not be practical, not only would it be cost prohibitive, but it would be so large, so overwhelming! It would be like the Family Bibles that sat on the coffee tables that no one ever touched. As a result, we decided 12 30-day devotionals was a much better fit. We then just began to pray over the topics and came up with 12: FearLESS, LoveMORE, HopeFULL, PrayerFULL. I’m sure you get the idea.

4)Which author influenced you the most?

Marta – I am a Bible study teacher and consider myself a Bible study teacher and a writer second. The books I write are a product of my study of God’s Word. With this said, the person who impacted my studies the most is Kay Author. She has written many books, but I would feel confident to say she too would consider herself a Bible study teach first and her work (books) are a product of her studies.

Maureen – Marta Greenman is my inflluencer….she honored me by inviting me to be on her editing team for two of her amazing studies, then convinced me to co-author these devotionals.  I too am a teacher by trade, and this is just one method of teaching and I love it!!!

5)What is your favorite Bible verse or life verse?

Marta – The joke is that my favorite verse is the one I am reading at that moment.  But my life verse is Philippians 1:6, “For I am confident in this very thing that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.” I love this verse because it tells me – I don’t have to trust in myself to become who God wants me to be. HE began the work, and HE will finish the work. I can confidently walk forward in faith knowing HE will complete what He started.

Maureen – I have two current favorites:  2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of p0wer and love and discipline.”  This grabs me because as Christians this is not the time in history to be timid and shy…we need to be God’s examples of power, love and discipline.  The other verse is Joshua 24:15b, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  I realize it must begin with me before I expect my house to do the same.

6)What would you like your readers to get out of this book?

Marta – a deeper relationship and understanding of the Lord and who HE is and His relationship with His created.

Maureen – to begin practicing loving like Jesus, so eventually it becomes a habit.

7)What is your vacation spot?

Marta – great question! Warm weather, the beach, water, the sun, no phones, God’s creation.

Maureen – Currently it would be Ireland….green, cool, peaceful

8)What are you reading right now?

Marta – My Bible is always my go to. I have very little time and reading something entertaining is a luxury. When I do have time I love biographies/memoir of Christians, true stories, etc.

Maureen-I have two books going right now, one is Christian fiction about Norway during WWII, and the other is “Hearts of Fire”, by Gracia Burnham for the voice of the martyrs.  It is compelling read about eight women of the Underground Church.

9)What is your most well-loved and well-used house appliance?

Marta – tough question – I am a kitchen nut. So, kitchen appliances are always a good go to. I think my Kitchen Aid mixer has helped me so much and I couldn’t live without Air Fryer. The Air Fryer is used about 5 days a week.

Maureen – This summer…my ice maker

10)Why write nonfiction?

Marta – until recently I never considered myself a writer, so writing fiction was never a thought in my brain. I was a Bible study Teacher who put my material on paper.  But God showed me I am a writer. I have even come up with a NonFiction/Fiction Outline for a Fiction book based not so loosely on my mother’s life. I have yet to write a word of it yet…so we will see if anything comes from this idea.

Maureen – I enjoy reading fiction as entertainment.  Studying the Bible is not for entertainment but, as Marta says, “transformation”.  In writing these devotionals I believe I am being transformed and pray they guide someone else along on their journey toward Jesus.

Thank you for letting us get to know you better!

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