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About the Book

Book: Marriage Conversations

Author: Cathy Krafve

Genre: Nonfiction

Release date: February 7, 2021

Marriage Conversations COverAre you cherishing a marriage that’s off the charts? Or co-existing in a fragile one?

What we all really want is intimacy and tingling excitement. Is true love just a fairy tale? Or can life-long companionship be a reality? You bet it can!   Author Cathy Krafve shares the personal stories and conversations she first created to help inspire success for her own kids’ marriages.

Marriage entails serious communication. So, we turn to the Master Communicator for strategies to soften hearts and strengthen resolve. Cathy will help you…

– Initiate practical, foundational truths.

– Replace magical thinking with rock solid miraculous biblical truths.

– Understand why we get married in the first place.

– Invigorate your closest relationship.

For instance, learn the no-fail trick for changing an argument back into a conversation.

Inspire the delightful results your heart is craving.

Go from blah to breathtaking!

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About the Author

Cathy-Krafve_Head-Shot-Both-Books-692x1024Queen of Fun and Coffee Cup Philosopher, Cathy Primer Krafve delivers creativity and encouragement on every page.

She understands companionship begins with authentic conversation. With journalistic fervor and a knack for laughter and story-telling, Cathy puts a snappy spin on deeply spiritual truths.

Host of Fireside Talk Radio, her weekly blogs and podcasts reach over 2 million listeners and readers annually. Her audiences learn to leverage compassion and courage in order to engage in two-way conversational adventures.

Join the Fireside Tribe as we create life so beautiful in its imperfection generations after us will be retelling our stories with joy and laughter.

Truth with a Texas twang spoken here!

More from Cathy

From Blah to Breathtaking!

Why does conversation at home have to be so hard? What makes it hard? How do you keep hanging in there when it’s tough?

“So, Dave and I slogged ahead. Yuck. Like trudging through a chilly winter night in clumsy snow boots, we were determined to survive,” reports Author Cathy Krafve.

Then, they began to talk a little more openly to their closest friends. Yep, they were desperate. Interestingly, they discovered marriage conversations were a problem for a bunch of their friends, too.

Lo and behold, communicating turned out to pretty much be a universal challenge!

“We picked up tons of new communication skills,” she adds, laughing, “Good thing, too, since we really NEEDED new skills!”

What can we change at home to train ourselves and our kiddos to have terrific conversations? Each chapter of Marriage Conversations offers great ideas you can try out at your house. Here are a few chapters:

  • Negotiating like an Oil Tycoon
  • Creating a Personal Etiquette
  • Only Keeping What We Give Away
  • Asking Power Questions
  • Understanding Fellowship as the Best Foreplay

Queen of Fun and Coffee Cup Philosopher, Cathy delivers creativity and encouragement on every page of Marriage Conversations: from co-existing to cherished.

While it’s the perfect book for your book club, Bible Study, or Sunday school class, Cathy has a more, ahem, intimate suggestion. Read it out loud with your spouse.

“What’s really great is the number of men who tell me they read it with their wife! Passing it back and forth. Wow! That’s genius,” she reports. “Truthfully, though, when guys tell me it’s the funniest book they’ve ever read, I assume it’s the only marriage book they’ve ever read!”

Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions, personal applications, and prayer.

So, how things are with Dave and Cathy now? Fair question.

“We still have arguments occasionally, maybe once a year. In some ways maybe it’s worse because it doesn’t happen very often. I get real panicky, like, Oh no! We’re falling back into our bad habits,” she confesses.

But she adds they now know how to get into a better conversation place quickly. Also, they intentionally cherish each other. So that’s really made a difference.

“But one thing I want people to know; this book is not about how to do it yourself. This book is about how I messed up. And here’s what I learned from my mistakes. If you want some good ideas, here are the things that worked for us,” says Cathy

Tons and tons of good ideas. Anything she could get her hands on.

“Because I was originally writing for my children,” she explains. “So, I didn’t hold anything back. I don’t think anyone will feel preached at. I’m pretty sure reading friends will think, Okay this woman has been in the trenches. She gets it.”

Cathy is known for putting a snappy spin on deeply spiritual truths. She writes with journalistic fervor and a knack for laughter and story-telling.

Host of Fireside Talk Radio, her weekly blogs and podcasts reach over 3 million people annually.  She is also author of The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations.

Companionship begins with authentic conversations. How do we go from co-existing to cherished? Cathy understands good communication tools can change everything!  Order two copies today; one for yourself and one to share with a friend!


Truth with a Texas twang spoken here!

Q&A with Cathy Krafve

What does success as an author look like to you?

A new friend sat across from me and looked tenderly in my eyes.

“I want you to know your book gave me the courage I needed to talk to my boss. It worked!”

For me, success as an author is when someone makes a few minor changes in their conversations because of my books and immediately experiences richer companionship. If only I’d practiced these conversation skills sooner myself!

Which character did you connect to best in this book?

In my Bible, I always skimmed past the woman at the well. Why? I saw her as isolated and pitiful, much like I saw myself. So sad.

After writing a whole book about her conversation with Jesus, she’s my hero, a true champion. She influenced her whole community. One woman. Wow!

Now I consider her my personal friend and soul sister. I can’t wait to see her in heaven!

Which part of the book was the most difficult to write?

My editors made me earn every word. I was taking snapshots of my Lexicon to send proof of the ideas I shared in this book.

In particular, we traditionally make unfounded assumptions about the woman at the well. That’s not fair.

What the New Testament writers left out is as interesting to me as the tiny bit of detail they included. They did not witness the conversation, so either she or Jesus reported the story to them.

Fortunately, I’ve heard so many personal stories from women because of our show (Fireside  Talk Radio). I’m convinced ALL women treasure away stories we don’t share easily.

In The Well, I was able to present a shift in WHY Jesus said what he did about her 5 husbands. It’s really important we understand her integrity and courage with deep admiration.

Writing a tradition-breaking, yet valid perspective is always hard work, but so worth it!

What inspired this book?

One leader failed to hear me in a crucial situation. Then, I started noticing a trend among certain types of leaders. Soon, I plopped open my Bible. There’s got to be something here about talking to people who don’t listen.

Next thing you know, I had a list of over 40 ways Jesus interacted with the woman at the well in ONE conversation. Talk about a conversational adventure!

I need this information myself, so the book includes really personal stories.

Which author influenced the you most?

Storytelling is my goal, in order to live up to the impact James Michener had on my love of literature. Plus, I love John Trant’s book, The Blessing. Of course, all of Josh McDowel’s work, too.

What is your favorite Bible verse or life verse?

It’s hard to pick just one, but my life verse is:

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”~ Luke 11:13 NKJV

Especially in difficult times, it’s good to be reminded first that God’s gifts for us are often unexpected. His definition of “good” is seriously beyond our comprehension. But second, I like picturing His dazzling, gentle Spirit in my heart as my Best Friend and Companion in ALL circumstances. There’s comfort and joy in hanging out with Him.

What is your vacation spot?

The beach with my boyfriend and hubby, the one and only, David Krafve. Under an umbrella with a beach book.

What are you reading right now?

Ironically, I saw Jennifer Lynn Cary’s The Weather Girls (Book 1: Sunny) in a Celebrate Lit Virtual Tour and ordered it on the spot. I’m loving it. Very relaxing and fun to read. Fiction is my reward at the end of the day for working hard.

Describe your view as you’re sitting in your writing chair. 

Deer munch tender green ivy within touching distance from our tall front window. If they knew I watched, the soft tan fur of the nearest doe would ripple with surprise. Her head would pop up and they would all flee in strides as graceful as poetry.

Squirrels jump between bare-limbed trees. Scampering up my wooden porch railing, they pause their manic motion long enough to crack the Texas pecans my grandchildren leave as treats.

Spread all around me on the family table, sloppy piles of creative chaos testify that my mind needs order. Where is the stillness I crave? Who can help me put mere words on paper to express the immeasurable love God offers each of us?

This question puts a smile on my face. I wish you were sitting next to me.

If you could have one book or piece of art or music on a deserted island, what would it be and why?

If I felt really self-disciplined, I would ask for a translation of Tertullian’s thesis refuting gnosticism in order to understand that ancient conversation more thoroughly. Yeah. I keep meaning to reread it, but it’s so bite and chew.

Instead, just give me A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh. His characters are their own Enneagram! I’m Piglet, in case you’re wondering. Although people always assume I’m Tigger. Which character are you?

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