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About the Book

Book:  ProvidenceProvidence

Author: Jennifer Sienes

Genre: Christian Women’s Fiction

Release date: April 13, 2021

How can she forgive a man she isn’t sure she ever knew?

Melissa Bainbridge doesn’t have time to grieve. She has three kids to feed, bills stacked high enough to crush her, and guilt–oh so much guilt.

When her husband’s death is  ruled a suicide, her financial stability and identity die with the man she now wonders if she ever knew.  How could he choose to leave them like this?  How could she have lived with him for 15 years and not known of his fragile mental health?

A journey of discovery reveals more questions than answers until Melissa finally faces her fears and tries to understand the mind of the man she thought she knew and never did.

The journey from despair to hope leads Melissa beyond grief and into the light of forgiveness in Providence.

Book Excerpt:

“Did you find a book?”

He raises two magazines—Hot Rod.

“Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but those aren’t books.”

“They got articles. Hey, Em, what’re you reading?”

She sighs and holds up her book again.

“That’s for guys. You should look for a cookbook or something.”

Emily glares, and I groan.

“Don’t start that again,” I say.

“What? Dad says—”

“Never mind what Dad says. Let’s go find you a book without pictures.” I hustle him away from Em before she can do damage.

“Can we get pizza on the way home?”

“Why not?” Trevor won’t be home for dinner anyway.

* * *

I check the clock—10:05—and thumb Trevor’s cell number. Again. But when his voicemail kicks in, I punch the end button.

“You don’t even have your cell phone on, Trev.” I vacillate between anger and fear. Sacramento commute traffic can’t be blamed for his being this late. So, where is he? I’ll be thrilled when the crew finishes at that job site and is once again working in Placerville.

I snatch a throw and flip on the television, then snuggle into Trevor’s recliner. The voices of Frasier and his snooty brother break the disquieting silence.

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About the Author

Jennifer Sienes holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in education, but discovered life-experience is the best teacher. She loves Jesus, romance and writing–and puts it altogether in inspirational contemporary fiction. Her daughter’s TBI and brother’s suicide inspired two of her three novels. Although fiction writing is her real love, she’s had several non-fiction pieces published in anthologies–two in Chicken Soup for the Soul. She has two grown children and one very spoiled Maltese. California born and raised, she recently took a step of faith with her real-life hero and relocated to Tennessee.