To Love a Falcon Interview and Giveaway

About the Book

Book: To Love A Falcon

Author: Nancy C. Williams

Genre: Christian Historical Mystery, Fairytale retelling

Release Date: November 7, 2023

When life already seems bleak, the Russians send her to Siberia.

Aircraft mechanic Katya Morozov longs for her beloved Mikhail, a Russian naval officer, to return from war. But when an unwanted work assignment takes her far from her home into remote Siberia, Katya faces threats—perhaps because she and her father were engaged in covert protection for persecuted Christians.

A chance encounter with charming test pilot, Yuri Sokolov, turns into more than a passing acquaintance…igniting the flames of a conflict between Katya’s faithfulness to Mikhail and her growing attraction to the enigmatic pilot. Will messages from a mysterious woman in the woods give her the wisdom and strength she needs?

Yuri, who has hidden battles of his own, must likewise make a decision—does he follow his dreams or pursue the lovely mechanic who has captured his heart?

To Love a Falcon, a retelling of the Russian fairy tale “Finist the Falcon,” takes readers into the intrigues of Russian operatives, the stark landscape of Siberian winters, and the courage of those who risk death for faith and love.


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About the Author

Nancy C. Williams grew up on “Nancy Drew” books…and occasionally still tells people her middle name is “Drew,” just to get their reaction. Following in the steps of the intrepid sleuth, Williams is an adventure enthusiast who loves hiking, snow-skiing, taking photos, sharing a good laugh, and enjoying a good mystery. She’s a history buff, too, with an affinity for antiques and fascinating stories from the past. Her writing career began with five years in the “Mad Men” world of ad agencies, crafting ads and commercials for ceiling fans, soft drinks, and pest control, among others. Then, during nearly a decade of editorial work at Federal Express headquarters, Williams traveled the globe (often in FedEx jet cockpits) and collected memories of international cultures. She also taught PR at a Christian college for a decade, sharing strategies and practices to the next generation of professionals. These days, blogs and novels are at the top of her “fun stuff to-do” list. She’s serious, though, about serving Jesus Christ…as a prayer warrior and writing for God’s glory, striving to encourage others on their spiritual journeys. When she’s not writing, look for her on the Appalachian Mountain trails with her beloved husband and mini-schnauzer.

More from Nancy

Want to know more about the real-life murder of a Russian naval officer…during a top-secret World War II mission? It’s a fascinating story that sparks even more questions, such as, what if the slain officer had a fiancée back home who didn’t know he was killed?

“To Love a Falcon” is a historical fiction novel set against the backdrop of life in post-WWII Siberia, the persecution of Christians by an anti-religious régime, and the plight of loved ones left at home who waited for lost soldiers. There’s a dash of suspense, romance, and fairy-tale lore thrown into the mix, too!

My father-in-law, who served in the U.S. SeaBees for the top-secret mission, had shared some of the details about the murder…and, I knew an old Russian fairy tale called “Finist the Falcon” that would serve as the perfect template for telling his story. I have my own personal story from Siberia (my husband and I adopted our son from there in 1999), but I learned many more interesting facts during research about this mysterious, challenging place—still largely uninhabited to this day. Our son, who is now a pilot, also helped tremendously in delving into the MiG-9, the first jet-powered fighter aircraft developed in Russia.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure into the risks of untested flight…the murderous threats of anti-religion zealots…the relationship between a plucky female aircraft mechanic and a charming test pilot…and the possibilities of love and forgiveness in a snowy wilderness. Maybe you’ll fall in love with Siberia, too!

Interview with the Author

  1. What does success as an author look like to you?

I’ve heard it said that writers get paid per word, per article, or perhaps! Income is nice, but tangible success for me happens every time someone comments on my writing. I have so many wonderful friends who inspire me with their encouragement. My over-arching goal is always to point others to Jesus Christ—I’m successful when I’ve shared His truth, hope, and love with others.

  1. What is your favorite Bible verse or life verse?

Romans 8—it’s a microcosm of the entire Bible message and God’s redemptive plan for us through Jesus Christ. There’s a lot to unpack in there…about the grace of God, His adoption of us as His children (which resonates with me as an adoptive mom), His sovereignty, the goodness of His purposes, His never-failing care for us, and more. Nothing can separate us from His love! Best assurance ever!

  1. What is your vacation spot?

When my husband moved our family to east Tennessee nearly 30 years ago, I told him we had moved to a “resort.” While we like to travel to other places, I’m most content with exploring our own mountain region. Second choice is Charleston, S.C., and its nearby beaches—I like going on Beach Standard Time and letting all responsibilities drift away with the tide.

  1. What are you reading right now?

Jodi Hedlund’s A Reluctant Bride…Randy Alcorn’s Happiness…and the J. Peterman catalog. If you’ve never picked up one of their catalogs, you should—their clothing descriptions read like Hemingway novels. I also just finished The Well of the Soul by Doug Powell, and I have Ghosted at the Altar by Chautona Havig along with The Letter by Edwina Kiernan in my Kindle queue. Cold weather entices me to curl up with a good book!

  1. Describe your view as you’re sitting in your writing chair.

I’m looking out my office window at sunshine, a birdhouse my dad made (inhabited by bluebirds and tree swallows in spring), a swath of trees that turn all different colors in fall, and a little glimpse of the Unaka Mountains in the distance. It’s my happy place! For decades, I worked in a windowless cubicle or basement office. Writers are supposed to stare out windows, and I have that privilege now. 🙂

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