From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone Epic Book Launch

About the Book

Book Title: From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone

Author Name: Cecil Taylor

Genre: Christian Living

Release Date: January 6, 2024

The innate human longing for comfort is undeniable. However, Jesus challenges us to step beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones and venture into the profound realm of faith, aptly described as trust zones by Cecil Taylor. These are the spaces where we dare to take risks in service of Christ’s Kingdom. In this enlightening exploration of the Bible, Cecil Taylor delves into 12 narratives of Jesus encouraging individuals to forsake their comfort zones in favor of trust zones. Through insightful interpretation, he unveils the valuable lessons these stories impart for contemporary followers of Jesus.


Book Excerpt

People can find certainty in different ways.

Someone reading this book loves their routine. They enjoy having that certainty of each day’s schedule. They rely on it. They get off track if their routine is disrupted.

Someone reading this book (along with the one writing it!) loves their to-do list. Yes, a to-do list is a great organizational idea, but does it go beyond planning to obsession?

Someone reading this book doesn’t like surprises. They will go out of their way to not be surprised. They simply don’t adapt well to the unexpected. Don’t throw them a surprise party!

Someone reading this book has their life all planned out. At a certain age, they will marry. At another age, they will have children. They know how many children they will have. They have an idea of when and where they will retire. Can I tell you all the ways that these plans could go sideways?

Before he owned the Dallas Cowboys football team, Jerry Jones made his millions as a wildcatter who would find oil by drilling between dry holes. Jones once said:

“I have a very high tolerance for ambiguity. A low tolerance for ambiguity is when somebody has to know that weekly check is going to be there on Friday or they’re not a good functioning person.”


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About the Author

With more than 30 years’ experience as an adult Sunday School teacher and as many in youth ministry, Cecil Taylor has impacted lives in local churches throughout his adult life. He founded Cecil Taylor Ministries to broaden that impact, teaching Christians to live a 7-day practical faith through books, video studies, and speaking engagements. His ministry is cross-denominational, focused on the common struggle Christians face in putting their faith into practice and applying scripture and faith principles to life situations.

From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone has won the 2024 Living Water Award (nonfiction, third place) from the Blue Lake Christian Writer’s Conference. This is the fourth award that Cecil has been presented across his three books.